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Brief Summary

Riyada is an initiative aimed at providing training, guidance, and financial support to young Iraqi individuals who aspire to start their own businesses and succeed in the field of entrepreneurship. It includes a website and a mobile application that offer interfaces for accessing training lecture information, communicating with business incubators, applying for loans, and electronic payment services for the loans, in addition to around-the-clock technical support


The Challenge

Students, graduates, and young job seekers in Iraq have long faced numerous challenges related to their desire to start their own businesses and develop their skills. These challenges include the lack of funding and financial support for their projects, as well as a shortage of resources and the necessary knowledge to build and develop their entrepreneurial ideas. Additionally, there is a need for the necessary training and guidance to turn their ideas into successful businesses. In light of these challenges, the Iraqi government has decided to launch training courses that are traditional in nature where applicants apply in person and require administrative and paper-based procedures. However, participants may face many difficulties during the registration process due to the large influx of applicants, the complexity of administrative procedures that require time and effort to complete, and the costs and large workforce required to accommodate the large number of applicants pose additional challenges.

The Solution

To address these challenges and provide a more efficient solution, Star Sphere has designed and implemented a comprehensive automated system for Riyada initiative through a mobile application and a simple yet professional website. This system aims to empower students, graduates, and job seekers to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams and enhance their skills.


Project Implementation Details

The implementation process involved the design and creation of the following:

1. Trainee App: Allows the trainee to register, check course dates and schedules, obtain an electronic certificate, view his project with business incubators, apply for a loan, and much more

2. Trainer App: Allows the trainer to view his lecture schedules, add or delete trainees, as well as the ability to specify the requirements he needs at the training center through the application, in addition to many other features.

3. Interface for business incubators to examine and follow up on project processes such as approved projects, completed projects, projects that were funded by the bank, payments for projects that have been implemented, ongoing projects that are still under study, and projects that face obstacles in the implementation process.

4. Electronic certificates: for trainees that completed courses to be uploaded upon the trainer’s request.

5. Dashboards: to control and monitor all processes and procedures of the initiative.

6. Main Website: that introduces the initiative and includes many sections as well as a web form to apply through.

7. Bank Dashboard: to enable bank employees to review trainees’ forms and approve loans.

8. Dashboard for Incubator Trainers: to follow up on the trainees’ projects and know the latest progress of the trainees in their projects, in addition to providing a mechanism to communicate with them through the application.

9. Providing web hosting service for the API according to international standards to ensure the security and integrity of Riyada’s systems.

10. Providing accurate statistics in a contemporary and simplified manner about the status of the Riyada’s participants, including students and trainers.

Recording Attendance Through QR Code

The trainer can easily record the attendance of trainees with a single touch by scanning their QR code in the Riyada app, significantly streamlining the attendance process in Riyada lectures and courses, thereby enhancing efficiency and data accuracy.

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About Courses, Trainers and Trainees

The initiative consists of training courses for the youth, distributed over 5 lectures held in training centers within universities, vocational institutes, and youth forums. All courses are conducted by specialized trainers carefully selected by the team responsible for the initiative.Applications are accepted through the Riyada mobile application or the official website of the initiative. The application is open to all youth (both males and females), including graduates, unemployed individuals, employees, university students, and vocational institute students.After registration, invitations to training courses are sent to participating trainees through the mobile application and its notifications feature. Upon acceptance, a schedule of lectures is provided along with the trainee's identification details.

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Riyada Launch Ceremony

On the fourth of March 2023, Prime Minister Mr. Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani launched the registration for the Riyada Initiative aimed at creating an entrepreneurial community. The launch ceremony was attended by a great number of ministers, and heads of diplomatic missions accredited to Iraq, as well as accredited trainers in the initiative, which included all governorates of Iraq. Riyada, considered a significant axis of the government program, saw the start of its registration process on that day, lasting until the ninth of April 2023 for the first group of trainees. During this period, 182,289 individuals registered, obtaining their participation passwords (codes) through text messages to register for the initiative

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Benefits of the system

1. Creates an atmosphere of trust and credibility between the institution and citizens.

2. Provides necessary support affirming the institution's commitment to citizen self-realization.

3. Offers opportunities for self-discovery and pursuit of self-aspirations.

4. Stimulates fully-fledged innovators with practical and scientific ideas.

5. Encourages innovation across commercial, social, cultural, and other domains.

6. Organizes community efforts to generate and implement ideas effectively.

7. Positively impacts success rates through well-planned training initiatives.

8. Equips individuals with skills in planning, management, and business establishment.

9. Helps individuals avoid failure and loss in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

10. Increases awareness of success rates for informed decision-making.

11.Optimizes investment of human and material resources in successful projects.

Electronic Payment Feature

The trainee can easily receive financial payments electronically through the Riyada app and the electronic wallet within the application. Additionally, the trainee can apply for the necessary loan for their business directly through the Riyada app. The loan is submitted and received electronically without the need to visit any bank, using the Riyada card for payment. With these innovative financial solutions, loan recipients can seamlessly access their funds, manage expenses, and invest in their businesses with ease.


Project Features

Utilizing QR code technology to facilitate the registration of trainees' attendance in Riyada lectures and courses, enhancing efficiency and data accuracy.

Trainee Application: Provides comprehensive features such as registration, verification of course schedules, obtaining electronic certificates, presenting projects to business incubators, submitting feasibility studies, applying for loans, and more.

Trainer Application: Enables trainers to monitor the progress of trainees' projects, view their lecture schedules, add or remove trainees, and more.

Dashboards: They allow monitoring of all processes and procedures related to the Riyada, as well as providing accurate statistics and data. These dashboards include a bank dashboard to enable bank employees to review trainee applications for loans and approve them, as well as an incubator trainer dashboard to monitor trainees' projects and their developments, in addition to providing a mechanism to communicate with them through the application.


Updates on Riyada App

The updates and developments of Riyada application and website are essential parts of efforts to maintain quality and meet the users' needs continuously. New features are incorporated, user interfaces are improved, errors are corrected, security measures are enhanced, and the overall performance of the application and website is improved.

Project Timeline

November 2022 - March 2023

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The active users are a combination of those from the web, iOS, and Android apps.

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