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The private sector in Iraq has witnessed significant development and activity lately, especially with the government's focus on investing in various industries. One of the most important of these industries is the technical and digital automation field, which is included in this project undertaken By Star Sphere in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade. This project focuses on an important aspect of the Iraqi citizen's life, namely the ration card. Through this project, the traditional paper ration card is replaced with an electronic ration card (Tamweniya) accessible via a mobile application or a website. This enables citizens to receive their ration through their national ID card, in addition to managing all processes electronically through the application, ensuring efficient delivery of all ration items.

Brief Summary

The project aims at automating the ration distribution system and ration card by transitioning it from a traditional paper-based system to a smart electronic system. This includes the development of a website and a mobile application for citizens, as well as a comprehensive data center and specialized dashboards for employees of the Ministry of Trade. Additionally, the project involves providing necessary training for employees, technical support, 24/7 customer service and smart chatbots.

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The Challenge

The Iraqi Citizens have long faced several difficulties regarding processes related to the ration card. These difficulties include complex and routine paperwork, as well as the need to visit government offices, which consumes a lot of effort and time, especially for those living in remote areas far from the office they need to visit. Additionally, citizens often have to wait in long queues in inadequately equipped waiting areas. In addition to the delays in the distribution process of ration supplies due to insufficient citizen information and the inclusion of undeserving individuals, citizens also face uncertainty about whether their ration supplies are ready for collection unless they visit the agent. Moreover, traditional distribution processes are prone to corruption, smuggling, and abuse, and they are ineffective in managing resources and directing ration supplies to those who need them most.

The Solution

The automation of the ration distribution system has brought about a radical change for the Iraqi citizen's experience. Now, citizens can register, renew their ration cards, and make all necessary modifications, such as adding or removing family members, through the Tamweniya application on their mobile phones or the website easily and conveniently in the comfort of their homes. Additionally, citizens will receive notifications about the date of ration distribution, as well as the items and quantities. Furthermore, mobile teams have been allocated to enable citizens with disabilities, seniors, patients, and residents of remote areas to register and update their information from their homes, as successfully implemented in the Holy City of Karbala.


Project Objectives

1. Ensure the delivery of ration items to eligible recipients and identify any individuals who are not entitled to receive them by auditing the data of eligible citizens according to the guidelines and conditions set by the Ministry of Trade.

2. Adopt a new and advanced mechanism for delivering food items and identifying the genuine beneficiaries of the ration card.

3. Automate the inventory system of the Ministry of Trade and eliminate traditional paper processes to alleviate the burden on ministry employees.

4. Monitor and track the dues payable to citizens upon receiving ration items, where citizens can make electronic payments through the application or pay in cash upon delivery by the agent.

5. Monitor and address citizen complaints through the application and the ministry's platform, responding to them instantly through the support service 24/7.

6. Monitor the performance of agents and distribution centers through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the system to obtain a comprehensive picture of the ration card staff's performance.

7. Enable citizens to register via the application or the website in case they do not own a smartphone.

8. Allow citizens to make all necessary modifications to their ration cards, such as adding or removing family members, after completing the registration process.

9. Provide citizens with information about the arrival dates of their ration, the quantity of items, and pickup schedules through the notification system available in both the agent and citizen applications.

10. Enable citizens to track the status of their transactions and accept modifications through notifications in the application.

11. Allow citizens with National IDs to book suitable appointments to visit the verification center and choose appropriate review centers based on their geographical location.

12. Enable reporting of violations that occur with ration basket items or the amounts paid to the agent by the citizen in case of discrepancies with what was received in the notification. These complaints are monitored through interfaces provided by the ministry, enabling prompt and transparent action.

13. Create new job opportunities for workers and develop new personnel through conducting training workshops for both agents and employees.

Project Features

1. Improvement of the old database and establishment of a modern database by auditing all data entered by citizens to ensure the creation of a reliable and robust database.

2. The newly established system is characterized by the strongest security and encryption systems according to international standards to safeguard citizens' data from breaches.

3. As the system is fully electronic, it allows citizens to register and conduct self-auditing, reducing the need for human resources from the ministry to manage it.

4. Continuous updates to the system, including applications, web pages, and control interfaces, to add new features and enhance security.


Benefits of the system

1. Eliminating Corruption: Electronic systems reduce opportunities for manipulation and forgery, making them more transparent and less susceptible to corruption and tampering with documents and processes.

2. Ease of Update and Monitoring: Updating info and monitoring status has become much easier and faster in the electronic system.

3. Accessibility: Citizens can easily access their data and check their status online or via mobile phone.

4. Improved Security: Electronic data can be better protected than paper-based data, reducing the chances of theft and manipulation.

5. Waste Reduction: The electronic system reduces waste resulting from loss or destruction of cards or errors in distribution.

6. Enhanced Transparency: By providing limited and secure access to data to the public, citizens can monitor and track the system, increasing trust in the government and relevant institutions.

Verification of Citizen Information

The process of verifying the information of citizens registered in the new electronic ration card system occurred in two phases:

First Phase: Verification at Centers and through Mobile Teams in Karbala Governorate

Star Sphere equipped and supplied centers in Karbala Governorate with all the necessary requirements to make them fully qualified to receive citizens, verify their information, and provide them with the best service. Given the importance of caring for citizens with disabilities, the elderly, and those living in remote areas and providing necessary services to them, our company allocated mobile teams consisting of 10 mobile vehicles and a large truck containing a prepared and air-conditioned room to visit citizens in their homes to assist in verifying and updating ration card data, while ensuring their privacy and dignity. The services of the mobile teams included verifying the accuracy of registered data, updating personal and family information for citizens, adding or removing family members, and ensuring the compliance of the ration card with current government regulations. All these services were provided professionally and flexibly to meet their needs.


Second Phase: Electronic Verification

After numerous updates and continuous improvements to the Tamweniya system, Star Sphere deemed it appropriate to provide a simpler and easier solution for all citizens, which is the electronic verification feature for citizen information through the mobile application or website from their own homes without the need to visit any center, using facial recognition technology to match it with the citizen's National ID card.

Tamweniya app features

1- Receiving the ration using the National ID card: Ration collection is done easily using the National ID of the head of the family, as the agent scans the card using NFC technology with a card reader device and then hands the ration to the citizen. Comment end

2- Online Verification: The ability to upload documents for all family members and complete the verification process through the application from home without the need to visit the ration center. This is done through a facial recognition feature that matches the person’s face with his National ID card.

3- Technical Support Service for citizens: Technical support service is available for citizens through the Tamweniya application or website, so citizens can directly communicate with a specialized team to answer all inquiries and provide solutions 24/7.

Project Timeline

February 14, 2023 - April 15, 2023

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